DACE - A Matlab kriging toolbox

DACE, Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments, is a Matlab toolbox for working with kriging approximations to computer models. Typical use of this software is to construct a kriging approximation model based on data from a computer experiment, and to use this approximation model as a surrogate for the computer model. The software also addresses the design of experiment problem, that is choosing the inputs at which to evaluate the computer model for constructing the kriging approximation.


The software and documentation are available for free. Selling the software and/or the documentation for commercial advantage, in part (e.g., included in other software) or as a whole, is allowed only with a prior written agreement with the authors.


The toolbox is available as a zip-archive. Unzip the file and add the toolbox directory to the Matlab path. See the changelog for revision history. The software is developed and tested with Matlab version R12.1, though it probably works with other more recent versions of Matlab.


The manual (including reference manual and examples) is available as a pdf-file. Further documentation of the algorithms is given in the report Aspects of the Matlab Toolbox DACE.